About Us

We're passionate about cars and technology

Our Story

People spend a considerable amount of time to maintain and repair their cars - from scheduling a servicing appointment, transporting their vehicle, and waiting for the repair to be complete. This process is a long and cumbersome chore not to mention, finding a trustworthy provider can be difficult.

AutoMech was founded in 2017 to help make a very cumbersome chore a seamless experience. We are a group of passionate car enthusiasts and technologists who understand the needs of a car owner, and believe with technology we can help make life just a bit easier by being your car service concierge.

Meet Our Team

Dhruv's Profile Picture

Dhruv Chadha

CEO / Founder

Ram's Profile Picture

Ram Kuppusamy


Kaushik's Profile Picture

Kaushik Krishnamurthy

Business Development

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Maric Sobreo

Software Developer

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Tabitha Kim

UX Designer

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